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Miran Production primarily engages in the import and export of small and large ruminants. We have the facilities and capacity to continuously supply a variety of species and breeds of animals.


In the pursuit of further enhancing the quality of our services, the experts at Miran Production have successfully established two separate quarantine rooms for small and large ruminants owned by the company. This is a step taken to improve the quality of the services provided and ensure the delivery of reliable and healthy animals to our customers.

Our Story

At Miran Production, we take pride in our sustainable agriculture and the ethical raising of small and large ruminants in harmony with nature. In our modern facilities, we provide a healthy and happy environment, prioritizing animal welfare. We have built sustainable and long-term relationships with leading companies from Europe and Turkey. Started from scratch, together and thanks to our reliable partners, the company has established itself as one of the main livestock importer and exporter in Bulgaria. Get to know us - your choice for quality and reliability in the trade of horned animals!

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At Miran Production, we apply a quarantine process approved according to European standards and requirements in order to provide our customers with quality and healthy animals. Compliance with all European quarantine regulations guaranteeing from the humane treatment to the quality of the food consumed, in order to control the health status of the newly arrived animals and take the necessary measures.

The quarantine process for our animals is regularly monitored by our veterinary experts, and the health condition of each animal is continuously observed. This is an extra step taken to ensure our customers can confidently acquire animals in a safe and healthy manner. At Miran Production, we continually strive to elevate our quality standards and provide our customers with the best service.

Our company works with leading transport companies in terms of animal transport as well. With modern cars and a qualified team, we guarantee the safe and comfortable transportation of your animals. With our experience in the sector, we ensure the humane treatment of your animals and provide a reliable service to our customers.

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