The main set of services offered by Miran Production Ltd cover all operations related to the import and export of large and small ruminants. We have the capacity to guarantee regular delivery of livestock. We have managed to add two quarantine depositories to our facilities as well.

Водени от желанието за постоянно подобряване на качеството на предлаганите услуги, ние съумяхме да изградим две собствени карантинни депа – за едри и за дребни преживни животни.

Import and export of large ruminants

Miran Production is experienced in the import and export of calves to and from a number of countries. The high quality of the livestock we offer is unprecedented.

Beef cattle breeds

We specialize in the import and export of various beef cattle breeds:

  • CharolaisThis is a popular breed preferred by many due to the low-fat meat. The breed stands out from the rest with its highly muscular bodies. The Charolais calves are massive and impressive-looking which is another typical feature of the breed.
  • LimousinSimilar to Charolais, the Limousin calves are distinctively muscular but their height is average. They have colorless skin and brown-beige hair. The Limousin breed offers lean meat.
  • Aberdeen AngusThis breed was created in southeastern Scotland and its features are distinctive: the calves are black and small in size. The Aberdeen Angus calves also boast great meat productivity and quality. The meat is tender and tasty, with thin fibers.
  • HerefordThe Hereford breed has been around for centuries and its origins are traced back to England. The Hereford calves are popular because of their durability and adaptivity. These animals are medium-sized and usually have brownish hair with red hues and white spots. The Hereford meat is very tender.

Import and export of small ruminants

Miran Production Ltd follows all the best practices in the import and export of small ruminants such as sheep and goats.

Sheep – breeds for meat

  • MerinosThis breed’s origins can be traced back to the Medieval centuries. The Merinos sheep have delicate, narrow-fiber wool. This is the main advantage of breeding Merinos. There are popular sub-breeds such as the Australian and the Soviet Merinos.
  • Ile de FranceThis is a highly valued breed due to its excellent biological features. The breed is energetic and has high productivity.
  • SuffolkThis English sheep breed has short wool all over their large bodies. The Suffolk sheep are muscular and easily recognizable thanks to their distinctive wool type and bold black heads.
  • TexelThe breed comes from the Dutch island of Texel. It has been around for a century. The Texel sheep have high fertility and proportional bodies with a short neck and well-developed hips. The meat productivity is above the average and the meat itself tastes great.
  • DorperThe breed was created in South Africa in the 1930s. Apart from the excellent meat qualities, the breed is highly adaptable to rough climate conditions. Dorper sheep have muscular bodies and a wide rear end. They are more fertile in comparison with the majority of other breeds.

Sheep – dairy breeds 

  • LacauneThis breed has French origins and features a number of qualities, including the ease of adaptation to different breeding methods. The milk produced from Lacaune sheep is used for making Roquefort cheese.
  • AssafThe Assaf bread is popular across the world but it originally comes from Israel. The mixed breed is highly productive and the milk produced is rich in fat.
  • AvasiThis Arabian breed has rough wool and a poor ability to adapt to new conditions. The breed has average milk productivity during the lactation period.


Except for the various sheep breeds, Miran Production Ltd offers import and export of goats as one of its main business endeavors. We can also consult clients on breeding, reproducing, and trading with goats. We never allow room for compromise when it comes to goats.

Transportation services

In case you are interested in our services but you have no means of transport of large or small ruminants, we have the best solution for you. Miran Production Ltd offers transportation services in Bulgaria and abroad. If you need a particular solution, contact us and we will give you a quote based on your specific needs.

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