About us

Dear friends and partners,

We created this website for your convenience!

We would like to start by thanking you for the time you will spend reading about our services.

The website serves as an introduction to all the services we offer related to livestock import and export.

Miran Production Ltd has been an important factor in the livestock import/export industry since 2018.

Regardless if you are a breeder seeking to import or export animals or a business owner in search of cattle, or perhaps you would like to learn more about raising cattle, Miran Production Ltd can certainly help with any of those services.

Do you need advice, reference, or cooperation related to livestock selection?

Do you have a tight schedule and you seek a flexible but reasonably priced solution?

Do you want quality professional services?

Do you prefer having a trusted partner to handle your endeavors instead of you?

Do you search for the best solutions to increase the return on your investments?

We have all the right answers!

Miran Production Ltd combines expertise, quality, and a wide variety of services. We know that every partner of ours needs a working solution to achieve the best possible result in a highly competitive industry. We understand our responsibility in livestock selection and we always give valuable advice on the matter. We believe the best advertisement is our clients’ satisfaction.

We support the humane treatment of all animals and strive for ensuring every client receives the personal approach they deserve. This motivates us to be dedicated to keeping our leading position and maintaining our immaculate reputation.

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